L’Histoire, La Mission

Who Am I?

I am passionate about handmade carpets, one of the oldest home items ever crafted, which kept all its charm and value throughout history. I started sharing my passion and expertise in early 70s in the good old Beirut with Georges Ghanem co. as brand and concept. I expended in Lebanon by launching showrooms close to my selective clientele of connoisseurs. I became a reference in the market thanks to the quality of my products and services.

I have always wanted to maintain a high-end positioning. I managed to restrict my customer-base to people with good taste, appreciating luxury and quality. I share my ancient and modern collections with amateurs; seated on carpets, we trace their origin and creation by talented craftsmen from Persia and Caucasus.

In today’s world, my mission is to continue promoting the value of handmade carpets by modernizing the industry. I want to bring luxury and taste to your homes. I have developed a level of service that reduces the hassle you encounter throughout the journey of choosing, trying, acquiring and preserving your carpet across generations. I adapted my offering to the current generation challenges.

I continue being devoted and selective, sharing my passion with whoever values it.

I am Garance.

Garance is the French word for “madder” or “Rubia tinctorum”, a plant used since ancient times as a vegetable deep red dye for leather, wool, cotton and silk; a predominant color in carpets.