Restoration & Repair

The purpose of repairing rare, antique or valuable rug is to restore the original beauty and physical integrity that may have been damaged by years of use.
At Garance, we accomplish that by recreating or reweaving portions of the carpet, either the surface pile, or in the case of holes, even the underlying foundation as well.
Such rug repair and restoration requires enormous technical skill and precision, as well as discernment in the matching of yarn, texture and color.

Cleaning & Care

An essential part of preserving the value, beauty and integrity of your antique, modern or vintage carpets is having them cleaned by professionals.
Periodically, cleaning rugs is an essential part of maintaining and keeping up valuable investment pieces. At Garance, we perform wet and dry carpet cleaning procedures that are compatible with silk rugs, wool carpets, and the most delicate hand-woven textiles.

Home Consultation & Free Trial

Choosing the perfect flooring for your home is a big decision. At Garance, we want to make buying your new carpet, as simple as possible – so we will mobilize and put at your service our interior designers and professional flooring experts to help you every step of the journey. And we bring in a selection of samples for you to choose in the comfort of your own home.